MISO sensor 1

NIDR GHG sensing module at ppm level. Optimised sensor for harsh environments.

MISO sensor 2

NIDR GHG sensing with improved detection limit with use of pre-concentrator for gas sensing at ppb level.

MISO’ Energy harvesting module

Thermoelectric generation module design for Arctis & Wetlands. 

MISO’s data communication

Thermoelectric generation module design for Arctis & Wetlands. 

MISO static observatory 1

Lower cost continuous ambient gas monitoring devices for large scale deployment, even for areas without networking and power supply. Edge intelligence, integrated with sensors MISO1, 2, self-power, P2P communication.

MISO static observatory 2

New, lower cost self-contained chamber design including integrated MISO sensor 1 and MISO sensor 2, self- power, and innovative communication solutions in rural areas.

MISO UAV-based observatory

Drone-in-a-box systems for autonomous operation,customized for conditions of Arcticand & Wetlands, integrated with sensors MISO1 and MISO2, energy module and communication solution.

MISO Data Platform

MISO data platform in compliance with the GEOSS and Copernicus requirements. FAIR database of GHG in long-time series and wide geographical coverages, including regulators, academia, those in areas not yet measured.

MISO Integrated Platform

Integration of all products above in one package.

Contact Info

Dr. Tuan-Vu Cao, project coordinator. The Climate and Environmental Research Institute NILU.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101086541.